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​Vfinity has been chosen by Forbes Riley to be featured on Forbes Living as part of their “Weight Management” series! Forbes Riley is a nationally recognized health and wellness expert and award-winning TV host.

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Our premiere lifestyle products caught the attention of her and her producers thanks to solid weight management principles! We’re proud to be recognized and featured by Ms. Riley on the Forbes Living TV Show. Read all about our upcoming segment in this press release from the Forbes Living producers!


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​Formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients to stave off the munchies, you’ll breeze through your day easily exercising portion control without hunger – without the cravings. Reduce your calories and eat sensibly while V3 MAX with TrigestinTM caplet technology releases vital nutrients quickly nourishing your body for optimum health. Diet effectively while fortifying your body instead of filling up with junk to satisfy hunger.


V3 MAX is not just an ordinary diet pill.

​Besides satisfying hunger and cravings, one caplet delivers amazing youthful energy giving you enough get-up-and-go not to just get out of bed, but tackle the day head-on with whatever it has to deliver. Lose the the sluggishness, tiredness, and lack of energy to get off the sofa and get moving! And with the extra energy you’ll get things done – all while shedding the unwanted pounds! Feel like you used to feel and be on you way to a slimmer you with just an easy to take V3 MAX caplet.


Invigorating Mood

Feel your absolute best with the mood-boosting power of V3 MAX.

​​ You’ll notice the effect quickly as the ingredients from one caplet stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain to make you feel optimistic, positively focused, and happy! Our mood is a huge factor in our motivation, determination, and drive which affects our ability on just about every level. V3 MAX revitalizes your senses giving you a positive outlook on life