The Vfinity Mission

since 2010

Creating a healthy lifestyle that is easy to implement daily was our focus when we started Vfinity. We felt people needed a plan that was easy to understand and simple to use every day. That still allows us to enjoy life without feeling deprived or living with insane dietary restrictions.

We developed a premier line of easy-to-use supplements that allow you to achieve better health and wellness while helping people gain back their body confidence. Vfinity’s primary mission is that every product we created enhances lives, personal achievement and is affordable to all.

V2 Smotthie

POWER UP WITH PROTEIN by indulging in our V1 SMOOTHIE enhanced with ADDED COLLAGEN for improved skin and stronger hair and nails!* Our new V1 SMOOTHIE is a convenient and healthy weight wellness meal support that promotes your overall health and vitality! What makes our enhanced V1 SMOOTHIE a standout product

V3 ORIGINAL BOOST- Supercharged nootropics and appetite control that you can feel!

Get a powerful boost of on-the-go energy to help you tackle your day and conquer your goals with every dose. Our rapid release capsules deliver a quick energy boost and deliver on-demand motivation and focus for when you need it most*.

V3 is an all-natural diet pill
V3 puts you firmly in control of your daily dietary intake.
V3 works by combining the synergistic effects of V3’s proprietary blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Cocoa, natural Caffeine and Phenylethylamine, among other incredible ingredients

V3 is an all-natural diet pill that addresses three important things that put you in total control with your MOOD, ENERGY & APPETITE! You will feel happy, energized and in control for the first time in years when taking V3, the ultimate secret weapon with weight control. A simple and fun solution to a major challenge facing most Americans today. Eating less and moving more, along with portion control and smart food choices is now easy with V3 the “Happy Skinny Pill.” You finally have help to achieve your weight loss goals.